Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Work, Work, Work

I am working weird hours at the office and trying to get ready for the launch of my new project and trying to keep up with home and family so I'm not posting as often this week. Bear with me while I shuffle priorities and figure out some sort of routine that will allow me to post something worthwhile. In the meantime, check out my new sidebar widget!

Only one more week until my idol arrives in Dallas to sign her new book. That's right, Jen Lancaster of Jennsylvania is coming here and she will be close enough for me to pet, er stalk, um ask to have my picture taken with her. I'm sure once she signs my copy of her new book and I force her to take present her with a jar of homemade goodies, she'll want to be my best friend forever and she'll come to my house and make soup with me and we'll try on each other's cute shoes and pearls and share doggy rescue stories and we'll have a rollicking good time. Either that or she'll take out a restraining order. No matter, I'm happy because Jen Lancaster is coming to Dallas, y'all!

Now for those of you wondering how Bear spent his first paycheck, I'm pleased to say he bought a very sensible pair of shoes at Payless and appalled to say he also bought this:

My husband told him it was very cool. My mother told him it was cute. I am a lady and therefore will not tell you what I told him.