Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stamp Return to Sender

Don't say I didn't warn you. The price to mail a first class letter is going up to 42 cents on Monday. I for one am going to get a mess of "Forever Stamps" this weekend. It is useless to point out to me that buying 500 stamps for $205 this week will only save me $5.00 over next week's rate. I am determined.

You see, it's not next week's postage rate I'm worried about. I'm concerned about the cost of mailing a letter (or more likely in my case, a bill payment) going up to 50 cents or more in the near future. When postage goes to 50 cents, my 500 forever stamps will save me $45. Assuming the cost of postage rises as high as I expect it to, the savings will really add up. That's why those new Forever Stamps are going to sit in my lock box until I really need to use them. Judging by the way prices are soaring on everything from milk to automobiles, I don't think they will sit idle for long.