Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dinner With Friends

Last night we went to a nice couple's house for dinner. It was a very informal affair, just us in our summer play clothes on the patio. Our host grilled enough food for a small army and our hostess was charming as she gave me a tour of her new home while simultaneously keeping all our champagne glasses filled to the brim. Dinner was spectacular and I ate entirely too much. In fact, with the exception of our teeny tiny hostess, I would say that everyone over-indulged because the progression of fine wines and the rich food were so good.

The beautiful weather and my general comfort level had me a little perplexed when our host requested that we join him inside for dessert and espressos. What? You feed me heavy food and heady wine and then want me to lift my rump and move? Say it isn't so! Regretfully, I did indeed lift my self and tagged along into the house where we settled into the world's cushiest, comfiest, most snuggle wonderful chairs for our coffee.

There was some discussion about board games and then our host announced that it was time for television. I checked the clock on the mantle and saw it was too early to begin hemming and hawing about time to go. Spouse was still only halfway through his coffee and our hostess was very enthusiastic that we watch a particular video on their home theater extravaganza. Ah well, when in Rome...

So I settled in to the big cushy couch with my warm solid Spouse as our hostess dimmed the lights and I savored the hot delicious meal and the friendly comfortable conversation and the yummy plentiful wine and enjoyed the hum of the television and their companionable little dog breathing slowly in my lap and snnnnnxxxxx...

Well, OK I didn't really fall asleep, but I do have to admit to many stifled yawns before we made our way to the door with much hugging and promising to do this again soon. But next time? I'm having Spouse bring smelling salts, because if the evening were any more pleasant, that's what it would take to revive me.