Friday, April 25, 2008

Stretched Mighty Thin Today

The theft has brought on a slew of tasks and annoyances these past few days and I'm behind. Today I just had to throw up my hands and say I can't do it all.

Remember the three gift baskets I was assembling this week? The one for the give away is finished and ready for delivery tomorrow. The care package for the college student starting finals next week is done, but is nothing like I planned. Seriously, home baked goodies this week? It wasn't happenin', but I still think it is pretty and full of all sorts of nifty treats. The third gift basket for my friends who bought a house this week? It's just going to have to wait until I have time or they invite us over, whichever comes first.

I am working on a top secret project that I planned to launch next week. Now I'm thinking I will need at least seven more days before it's ready. Why put a stressful deadline on something I want enjoy and do the right way? Of course that doesn't stop me from obsessing about it even when I'm not actually working on it. Sorry to be so cryptic, when my new project is ready, you'll be the first to know.

So far we have had to turn down three fun invitations for Saturday. The afternoon is just too busy with all our work and volunteer commitments. My house is a wreck, our clothes are wadded up into balls all over the house (yes, Spouse did "do" the laundry, no I'm not going to let him know how aggravated I am by the huge mess he created-after all he did pitch in), and the dog still has fleas (stop smirking Jen). Despite fumigating, dipping, applying every topical remedy known to man and putting a sign on the front lawn that says FREE FLEA CIRCUS: inquire within, there is just no getting rid of these aggravating beasties.

So now for all of you who are feeling as stretched thin as I am feeling today, may I present: