Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ridicule Me If You Must

Ridiculous Things I Don't Get Versus Ridiculous Things I Totally Get:

Animals as Fashion Accessories
Who else was delighted when Paris' kinkajou attacked her? Awesome!
Dog Scouts

Dogs earning merit badges for learning advanced obedience and rescue? Awesome!

Creepy Canadian Clowns
"I vant to dine upon your young, messieurs."
Costumed Comic Crowds
ComicCon = Nerd Nirvana. I'm so there.

The Appeal of Sarah Silverman
This woman's act is so vile it makes me want to fumigate the room, take a shower with Borax, then curl up in the fetal position and pass out while rocking back and forth muttering "no more Silverman, no more Silverman". In fact I can't even bring myself to provide a link.
The Appeal of Chris Kattan
Dudes! Have you SEEN the new Pepsi commercial? I'm in Heaven.

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