Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Picture Meme Redux

I found this one at Janet's blog. You use pictures to answer the questions. Type each of your answers into Photobucket, Google Images or any photo site, and pick a photo which best matches your reply. The rules say you must choose your picture from the first page (we'll see). OK, here goes!
relationship status

Happily married since 1988

current mood

Embarrassed beyond belief (see yesterday's post)

favorite band/artist

Dino, natch.

favorite movie

The (original) Nutty Professor

one of my pets

This is the picture that comes up when I type
"El Gato Gordo" (my Carlos is actually a tuxedo cat)

where I live

So scenic!

where I work

what I look like

what I drive

what I did last night

what I should have been doing

favorite TV show

Describe yourself.

What I'm doing today

Hope you all have a lovely evening. I'm heading home to nurse my bumps, bruises and punctures.