Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Bagels and Schmeer Here

Yesterday morning we had business in Cowtown, so we decided to stroll over to Sundance Square for breakfast. It was a lovely walk and the weather was fine. I am always surprised when roaming my old stomping grounds. The downtown revival and moving of the highway have changed everything so much, I often have to do a double take to get my bearings. Some things, though never change. There are wealthy businessmen standing outside chrome and glass skyscrapers in straw cowboy hats, shop girls rearranging elegant displays in store windows while clerks sweep the sidewalks in front of their businesses.

We went in to the La Madeleine's where the beautiful woman taking our order wished us a "Blessed Day". The many dining rooms had only a small scattering of people, so Spouse selected a quiet out of the way table with a view to the outside. After we'd settled in with our hot creamy coffees and delectable croissants and crepes, we just sort of sighed and enjoyed the moment.

After a bit a couple of noisy hipster office chicks entered. They were both wearing the uniform: black pantsuit with black sequined tee and cowboy boots, huge bag and tasseled cell phone. When they surveyed the sea of empty tables and elected to sit right on top of us, Spouse wondered if they might have some sort of abandonment issues. Really, were they that afraid of sitting a few tables away from the other diners? You know one of them had to take a phone call just as Spouse was telling me something romantic. It was time to leave.

We strolled around a bit admiring the angel Gabriel trumpeting outside Bass Hall and the stalwart armoured knight guarding the entrance to the old Knights of Pythias Hall. We vowed to take the children on a walking tour of the city some fine weekday and passed meaningful glances with a squeeze of the hand as we passed the church where we were wed.

It was a small, special but not so extraordinary morning and one of those times when we feel like all is right with the world. I think we all need more of those, don't you?