Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Great Blog Hunt Give Away

Shiver me timbers! Amy at Super Healthy Kids and Sarah at Daily Home Planner are hosting "a blogging treasure hunt"! Click the scroll above and it will direct you to a blog site to visit. Each blog will have a clue on their website that will give the contestant an "item" from their site. It will obviously not be a physical object, but maybe a picture of something that represents the author or site. Find the item and you will be directed to the next site on the hunt to find another object. When you've collected all of the hidden items, you will be directed to the finish line. A prize will be awarded by random drawing to one of the lucky scavengers who makes it to the finish. I hope you have fun playing along and enjoy visiting the participating bloggers as much as I do. Happy Hunting and Good Luck, Mateys!