Monday, April 14, 2008

Coffee and Barry White Music

Hah! Snagged this one from Rambling Mom of Life in the Minivan Lane.

You're an espresso!
"You seem a bit wired," is what we're trying to say. Your personality is quite flavorful, so you probably form strong bonds with the people and things you love. Maybe your schedule's just been crazy lately, but you're clearly someone who does NOT like to wait around. You're intensely focused on your goals, so if anything stands in your way, you'll steam-roll right over it. (We were going to call you "kinda bitter," but we don't want to risk that you'll point that steam-roller in our direction.)Like this quiz?
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5% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation.

Bitter? Moi? Ridiculous! They've just been getting inferior espresso. A truly fine espresso is never bitter. It is rich and bold with a thick, oily, smooth crema on top and a little twist. I know this because I will very patiently drive out of my way and wait forever for the lovely man who makes perfect espressos for me at the little dive that has a $4000 espresso machine and plastic plates. Not quite sure what I mean? Check out this site. Ooo, yeeeaaah... cue the Barry White.

Speaking of Barry White music, Spouse totally came through this weekend. Saturday he came home from work with my favorite pink roses and gardenia oil ( the only scent I wear), then whisked me off for margaritas and a movie. Sunday was just as snugly, sunshiny, steaks on the grill good. Nope. Decidedly not bitter this beautiful Monday! Ooo...Can't get enough of your love, Babe...