Monday, April 07, 2008

Bullet Train to Bonkersville

A hard weekend. Here are the highlights:

  • Saturday morning the dog did unbecoming things to the carpet. Sent Bear to grocery around the corner for carpet cleaner. He did not come back. Unable to raise him on his cell phone and fearing he'd been an accident, I did a tour of all the grocery and notions store parking lots in a ten mile radius. No wrecked car. No Bear.
  • Two hours later he shows up, telling me he couldn't find carpet cleaner at the two groceries near us??, so he drove to one across town.
  • Oh, and Mom? I met some of my friends there. They were out of gas, so I let them use your debit card.
  • And lest we forget, his thirteen year old sister Bunnie, my delicate flower of femininity took up swearing like a longshoreman this weekend.
  • Another joy of growing children found us on Sunday. When we sat down to do our taxes, Bear aged out of the Earned Income Credit when he turned 17 last June. Therefore we now owe the gubmint a substantial sum that we had not been expecting. On the bright side our phony baloney "rebate" in May will reimburse that and help us pay for a new pet-proof tile floor.

Going in to the office this morning, I truly feel like the mother of teenagers. But you know? I don't think I'd have it any other way.