Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WFMW-Tidy Teenagers

How do you get a teenage boy's bedroom that looks like this fit to be seen?

Well, I do this:

You were thinking that maybe there might be something more to it? Well, allright I'll tell you my secret for dealing with the Bear's er, denning habits. You will rarely hear the words "Clean up your room" come out of my mouth because (and I think scientific evidence will bear me out on this) teenagers are incapable of hearing that particular sentence. Rather, I ignore the mess and skip right to what I want to see. For instance, that floor covered in papers, laundry and other nasties? Instead of fussing at him to pick it up, I ask him to vacuum it. That desk covered in at least six inches of garbahge? I don't ask him to straighten it, I ask him to wipe it down.

The point is, instead of nagging him to tackle a big job I just ask him to get down to the actual item needing service. It's not the mess that needs cleaning, it's the floor, the desk, the bed. By keeping my request simple, non-judgemental and to the point he doesn't get bogged down in shame or overwhelmed by the big picture. That's what works for me. For more Works for me Wednesday ideas visit Rocks in my Dryer.

What you were expecting a photo of a clean room?