Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WFMW-Man Things

I'm sick of man things. Not men mind you, just their things. For instance these things make me want to scream:

  • Collar Stays- You know, those tabs that slide out of the back of their dress shirt collars? Those obnoxious plastic tabs that males NEVER remove before doing their own laundry? Those do-hickeys that I can never find when I press their shirts and want them to look particularly nice for a special occasion? I can't figure out where to store them, where to buy replacements, what I can use in a pinch as a replacement, or how to keep them from disappearing in the laundry. Yeah. I hate those things.

  • An enormous variety of razors, trimmers, and blades. Some have plugs. Some have cords. Some have stones. Some have steels. Some are just empty handles. Why are they cluttering my boudoir? You know all they ever use is the 99 cent Bic disposable.

  • The change jar. My father kept his change in an old pipe tobacco can. My Spouse prefers this oatmeal can. Bear just leaves his coins in his pockets for me to find in the laundry (or not). I can purchase handsome wooden boxes and dresser valets. I can give them snazzy coin pouches like my Grandfather (a thrifty Scot to the bone) always carried. It makes no difference. At the end of the evening all loose change goes in the tatty old tin.

  • The shoe stuff. Spouse has not worn wing tips to work since 1993 and yet he has polishes, buffers, brushes, and trees spilling from every cupboard. We have shoe polishing supplies in our bedroom closet, our back closet, even my garden supply cupboard! There is simply no corralling this junk. The minute I make a home for it, he's out buying more or getting an entirely new stash as a gift from some family member. I'm telling you this stuff breeds like rabbits.

I know this is Works for Me Wednesday, but really? This does not work for me. So I put it to you clever people. How do you cope with the "Man Things"? Are there Man Things in your home that drive you bonkers, too? Do you have any suggestions to help me preserve female sanity? All comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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