Friday, March 14, 2008

Reason for Tardy? Mom

This morning began like most Friday mornings; up at six to make sure Bear is on time to school, a quick stop at Starbucks for my morning crack coffee, back home to take a quick peek at my bloggy buddies doin's. Ooo Jenorama has a post on tea! I have to post a quick (or maybe long, involved and slightly narcissistic) comment.

Bunnie: "Mum, do I have time for a quick snuggle in your bed before I get dressed?"
Me: (Glancing at the clock at the bottom of my screen), "You have plenty of time, sweetie. I'll wake you when it's time to get up."

Ooo ooo! BlogHer has a new survey! What's this? I can win a free BlogHer event registration? Sweeet! I'm so doing this.

Bunnie: "Is it time to get up yet?"
Me: (Glancing at the clock at the bottom of my screen), "No baby, you can sleep another ten minutes."

This survey is kind of fun. Wait, do I really do that? I can't believe I really do that. Would I trade bloggging for chocolate? What kind of question is that? Well that was fast and fun. What time is it?

Me: (Glancing at clock at the bottom of my screen), "Mother of Pearl!" (now staring at the clock at the bottom of my screen), "Bunnie, darling, dear, I um, have some bad news. It's nine o' clock. You're going to be late."

When I walked her to the office and the secretary asked "Reason for tardy?", I told her the truth. Because I can not read a clock. She smiled and said "How about I just write 'Mom'?"

I know she was really thinking this: