Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Happiness

My herb garden is now cleaned out and amended and mulched and trimmed and ready for Spring. The only survivors of the Great Ant Invasion of 2006 were the fennel, the oregano, a few Lamb's Ears, the rue, and the comfrey. Bunnie brought a new addition to help fill in the gaps. Last month she rescued half an onion from the crisper drawer that had sprouted. She potted it in her bedroom and now it's two feet tall! Today she very gently gave it a new home amongst the herbs. It seems very happy.

The children are home this week and I am off Friday. They had a nice weekend outing to the American Airlines Museum where they were able to use the big flight simulator. Really, it was a lot bigger and cooler than the link, but the kids don't want me to post photos of them flying it.

Palm Sunday was a long drawn out affair with spectacular choral music, a harpist, flautist (flute-er?), and a kid playing wonky but endearing trumpet. They even threw in a Baptism. I thought they weren't supposed to baptise or marry during Lent...Poppy? Episcopollyanna? Anyone? No matter. I don't think anybody could take exception to that smiling laughing baby.

Then bam! All of a sudden it's St. Patrick's Day. Who ever heard of St. Patrick's Day falling during Holy Week? We just sort of let it slide this year although it's usually a big deal in our home. We did snuggle in after dinner to read the legend of St. Patrick. I did not serve the children snakes for dinner like I had threatened, but MamaLoves had the brilliant suggestion of serving them link hot dogs slithering on their plates and when I saw this, I thought it was hilarious.

And just to prove that Mondays can be great days, too? The price of gas dropped by a dime! Woot! Woot!