Wednesday, March 05, 2008

If It's Good Enough for Christina Aguilera, It's Good Enough for Me

We were talking the other day about the lottery and how we'd spend our ill gotten gains if any of us actually won unlimited fundage. I think I disapointed everyone with my answers. You see, I think small.

G. said he would buy a McMansion in the snooty part of town and rent an exclusive island retreat for a week long party with his friends. I think the island retreat sounds nice and I'd totally go, but the McMansion? A bit vulgar to my way of thinking. My idea of a luxury home? Being able to spruce up the little brick box without constantly having to worry about our equity to re-sale value ratio.

D. said he would buy an entire fleet of hot cars and take trips racing them all around the world. I immediately began to worry about how safe that would be. Perhaps a car that I never have to worry about maintenance and upkeep on is more my speed.

E. said she would like to start an enormous charitable foundation so that she could fund all of her pet causes and jet off to fabulous star studded balls and fundraisers she reads about in Town and Country and Harper's Bazaar. Now this one is tempting. However I suspect if the Gates and the Buffetts still haven't been able to make a dent in educational deficits here in the US, chances are my lotto winnings wouldn't go too far. As for glittering charity balls? Well who would I talk to? There is absolutely no point in buying cute shoes for a stellar event if there is no one to compliment them.

"But Poppet", they asked me, "isn't there anything that can tempt you? Some outlandish scheme or dream that you secretly dream about?"

Well...perhaps there is one thing...

2003 MTV European Music Awards (And no, they're not really going "regimental", darn it)