Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feel Free to Read Over My Shoulder

I don't usually pass along e-mails but this one about a book written by a mutual acquaintance tickled me so, I thought I'd pass it along:

A friend of mine decided to sit down and write his autobiography and yours truly is in a chapter of it. Yep I am in print! I announce this because no illegal activity took place or at least the statute of limitations has expired. By no means BUY THE BOOK am I suggesting BUY THE BOOK either directly or BUY THE BOOK subliminally that you buy the book.

But, if you did and the word got around how good it is and the author became rich and famous; bought a mansion and needed a pool man, I might at last have a retirement plan.

Anyway just wanted to share my excitement about being a subject in my friends book.
The book is titled
"The Path of Least Resistance-True North" by James T. Heffernan