Friday, February 29, 2008

The Internet Has Two Faces

There has been much discussion lately about "in-real-life" (IRL) reputations and on-line reps. No, I can't remember who was discussing this or why, just go with me here. Anyway I thought this topic would make good blog fodder so I began musing it over. Then I started fretting about it. Then I started my nine steps of self reflection: guilt; acknowledgment; shame; despair; anger; remorse; fear; immobility; and writing about it here. What can I say? I'm a WASP. Everything starts with guilt.

What is my IRL rep, ye internetty friends may ask? Well, if you must know (we must, we must!) my reputation amongst the Junior League/PTA/Church Social crowd is something like this:

No, just a little gun-shy before trusting new people

I love that word, but no, I'm probably just searching for an appropriate way to join in without making a fool of myself

Actually making a fool of myself when I do join in inappropriately

Ooo what an ugly word! Just finding hilarity in a little snark at the absurdity of it all

What a reputation I have! It's a wonder anyone sticks with me long enough to be my friend. But stick by me they do, and I am completely devoted to them all.

Judging by my utter lack of social skills, is it any wonder that I blog? What could be better than having the luxury to talk about what's on my mind after looking at the thought on the screen in front of me, organizing my thought and editing it before putting it out in the world? And the topics! I can choose to only talk about what makes me happy or makes me laugh without having to spill the beans about the current outrage du jour if that's what I want to do. Try not spilling the beans about what's buggin' you in a face to face conversation. I tell ya, it's impossible.

So does my on-line rep match my IRL rep? Certainly not! Is that a bad thing? In my case, NO!

Sometimes "keepin' it real" is overrated.

What do you think?

Also, please give some clicky love to the great bloggers who played yesterday's movie game. They are all worth reading!