Thursday, February 07, 2008

Breakfast With Friends

Just the other morning I was sitting down to coffee that tasted like the cardboard cup it was in a charming little breakfast and I opened my wonky old computer freshly pressed morning paper and clicked my blog reader turned to the society page. What a lovely surprise!

The Queen of Tuvalu, Blackbird of Say La Vee fame was quoted as saying that Canned Laughter makes her happy! Well now, if that isn't enough to puff up my sense of self-importance, that madcap debutante and adventurer, Janet of Adventures in the 32-Aker Wood said I was one of the great people she reads. I must say being in the company of the wonderful witty bloggers on both of their lists is delightful and humbling. Thank you both so much!

Now then, I suppose you are wondering who makes my day? Well I'll tell you, there are really too many fabulous glittering socialites to mention them all here, but a very short list for my Blogger's Society Column must include:

Enjoy the Bloggy Bling!