Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Um...I Believe You Have My Stapler...

My 120 page stapler is jammed. No, I don't own it. No, it doesn't belong to me personally. It's for the entire staff, but it's kept in my office and I feel rather proprietary towards it. Somebody in my office jammed it with bits of torn paper and mangled staples.

I reached for my toolbox, the one that says "Mrs. Poppet's Tools", to get a pair of pliers. Somebody had moved my toolbox (which is really not mine as well but the menfolk thought it was cute to put my name on it) to an empty office.
Now I must tell you, I am quite put out that Sombody has been messing about with my stuff (that is really not my stuff) in Goldilocks fashion.

I believe that I am turning into the Stapler Guy from Office Space, or perhaps even this guy:

Please don't put my stapler in gelatin. Thank you.