Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Small Stuff

Today I'm thinking about regrets. No not big life changing mistakes, I'm pondering little niggling regrets that occasionally inform our decisions later in life. For instance:

  • Allowing my mother to convince me that I was too old for my beloved pink rosebud wallpaper and ruffled gingham curtains and letting her re-do my room with brown and black stripes and jungle cat wallpaper. It was like sleeping in a cage while being menaced by sharp-toothed bad taste.

  • Believing my college friends when they said they would help with the driving so we could get back to school in time for finals after Mardi Gras. Apparently I was the only one in the car with any intention of taking my finals. We made it back after I drove 13 hours straight with a hangover. Thank goodness I took that "nap" in the middle of the French Quarter.

  • Letting my Spouse talk me into moving house while nine months pregnant with an active four year old. Well not that precisely, what I regret is telling little wild one that if he didn't stop whining I'd give him a bop on the head with a two by four. I was tickling him when I said it, but the neighbors listening from inside their homes couldn't see that. Yeah. Didn't exactly make a great first impression.

  • Not bothering to pay for express shipping for my bargain antique jelly mould being shipped from England because really it was so cheap and the shipping would be as much as the mould itself. Imagine my dismay when the shattered pieces were clearly marked Regency period Wedgwood and when pieced together it was heartbreakingly beautiful. I suspect it would have survived if it weren't tossed about in freight for two months.

What about you? What are your silly little regrets of no importance?