Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Selective Mother Memory

Last night we put Fast Times at Ridgemont High on and invited our 17 year old son, Bear to watch it with us. As you know if you plowed through my 100 Things List, it's one of my favorite movies. However, Amy Heckerling? If you're reading this, I've stuck with you through "Johnny Dangerously" and "Look Whose Talking" and you rewarded me with "Clueless". I laughed so hard at "A Night at the Roxbury", I literally fell out of my chair but I don't know how much longer I can keep telling everyone that you are a genius if you keep tossing me garbahhhge like your last two fims. Please Amy, toss me a bone here and give me a movie about real people again. With a script and a role where the women aren't parodies, please. kthnx.

What was I talking about again? Oh yes, watching my child see my world as I saw it at his age. I was doing pretty good not squirming during the sex scenes because, you know , he is seventeen and all three scenes were important to the plot and not just ugly locker room humor. I laughed with him at the stoner humor even though I now relate to Mr. Hand more than Jeff Spicoli.
But there was one stupid silly thing that caught me off guard.
Bear: "Mum, what are those feather things they are all wearing in their hair?"

Me: "It's a roach clip. We all wore them."

From my helpful Spouse: "Oh yeah, I remember those now. Bear, a roach clip is for holding a joint. Hey Spouse, what ever happened to that silver roach clip your grandmother gave you?"

Me: "It was a sterling cigarette holder for hand rolled cigarettes. Grandmother could have used it for any sort of tobacco."

Bear: "Yes, like you used roach clips just to decorate your hair."

I looked at him. I held my breath. Thank Heavens he was serious. Another sticky subject dodged. Woo-hoo!
Oh. And in case you were wondering, the character I was most like was Brad, "the assistant to the assistant manager". Every time I see see Judge Reinhold in Stripes, I think he's Brad after Mighty Mart.