Saturday, January 26, 2008


I ran out this morning and got a great deal on a cutting board set with rotary scissors for quilting. I was so excited with my new goodies I sat down right away to work on my little quilt for church. Unfortunately, I was so excited I cot off part of my left index finger. I now have six stitches and crummy typing skills (not that I was that great a typist to begin with).

The best part of the day? The wiseacre nurse who asked about my old burn scars. "How did it happen?"
She looks at my husband. "Do you you cook?"
He answers "Yes."
She says, "Well now you're going to have to learn to quilt!"

I am such a clumsy goof. Seriously, it hurts to type, so I may not have much to say for a few days unless I have plenty of 12 year old anesthetic in a bottle.