Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mind the Young Relatives As They May Someday Pick My Sanitarium

Growing up I was very blessed to have "aunts". Of course none of them were actually aunts. My only genealogically true aunt thought I was a little snot. The women I am referring to were mostly great aunts and cousins once removed and close friends of my mother. These aunts were wonderful. They were patient and loving and made me feel important and safe. My aunts were my rock and my haven and I loved them dearly.

As I was writing a note to one of my frail and elderly aunts the other day, I got to thinking about what sort of an aunt I am to my nieces and nephews. Not that sort at all, I suppose. My relationships with my three sisters and my sister in law are strained. Therefore it is not surprising that the nieces and nevvies do not hang out over here. That's kind of sad.

So! My one and only resolution for 2008 is to begin building bridges with the nieces and nevvies. I may not make much of a difference in their lives now, but perhaps they may one day send their children to come visit their crazy great aunt. Maybe I can teach them to make beaded Easter eggs like Aunt Chuggie taught me, or maybe I can teach them to preserve garden goodies like Aunt Martha taught me, or maybe I can teach them how to roll a handkerchief hem like Aunt Nettie taught me or maybe I can just listen to their childish secrets and make them feel as cherished as all of my aunts made me feel.

I think that would be nice.