Thursday, January 03, 2008

Go Speed Doctor, Go!

Today was my long anticipated Dr. appointment. Yes the appointment I made on November 8th. The one I waited almost two months for. The one that had me waiting for over an hour and a half in the waiting room. For all that waiting you might think I had a nice leisurely visit with the new Doc. Au contraire, she whipped in at mach speed, shook my hand, asked me why I was there, and Whoosh! she bolted from the room before I could reply. A few minutes later and this cute perky thing popped back in for the real examination.

Thanks to a primer from Lotus and Yvonne I was prepared. I brought a list of complaints and a weeks worth of food/activity diary to show her. Sure enough, she felt around and said "Yeppers, your thyroid is enlarged and probably does have some nodules. I'll order some blood work and have you checked for diabetes. You should probably get a sonogram on your neck". Then Whoosh! she was gone again.

A few minutes later, her nurse gave me a sheet for the lab next door, told me she'd call with my results tomorrow, then said they wouldn't need to see me again. Huh? What about the sonogram? What about the test results? If they are not normal won't she need to see me to fix what's wrong? If they are normal, won't she need to see me to figure out what is wrong?

Sigh. I was all geared up for a fight to get her to run the tests I wanted done. Now I guess I'll have to get geared up to get her to do something about the tests. Frankly all I'm getting geared up to do is sob with frustration. Whoosh.
P.S. Never go see the doctor on a work day. When you get back to the office, you may have to spend an hour restoring your computer because a helpful Harry who is not very computer savvy thought it would be a good time to tinker with your terminal. Whoosh.