Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dear Dane Who Must Be Obeyed

Dear Beloved Daphne,

I understand how difficult it must be to grow old. Every day I see you struggle more often to leap into the car or onto the bed. I appreciate the effort that you make to greet me with tail wagging when I come home from work, rising with a pitiful groan from your nice comfortable spot on the couch.
You always put the needs of others before your own and you rarely complain. Your gentility and excellent manners both in the home and on the leash have made you a favorite in the neighborhood. I appreciate the gentle scolding you give me when I accidentally let a curse word slip in your presence. You remind me that you are first and foremost a lady.

I know that you never want to be a bother. I suspect the people in your past may have even made you fearful to ask for anything. You have nothing to fear from me. This morning as is our custom, you came up to get in bed with me, but you were trembling. In my sleepy state I thought you must be cold and snuggled closer to go back to sleep. Then I smelled it.

Darling pooch, there was no need to look at me and cringe when I found the puddle in the hall. There was no raising of voices or remonstrations for losing control of your bodily functions. I simply cleaned the mess and gave you a pat. Now in return will you do something for me?

Dear Daphne, will you please wake me when you need to go out during the night? I promise I will not fuss at you, or deny you access to the yard even if I am dreaming about men in kilts.

Love, Mummie