Monday, January 07, 2008

Avacado & Chocolate Pudding

In general, I truly dislike celebrities. In particular I dislike celebrities who are famous for being famous. While everyone else has been following the poor little rich girls who I really pity because they were let down by the adults in their lives, I have been eagerly following another story altogether. This! Is What Celebrity Haters Like Me Live For:

Jerry Seinfeld and his wife are being sued. In a nutshell, Jessica Sklar Seinfeld "authored" a cookbook and has been working hard appearing on GMA and Oprah promoting it into a bestseller. The only problem is that the cookbook apparently was written by a respected food magazine editor and published by a rival publishing house seven months earlier. The writer of the first book, Missy Chase Lapine claimed copyright infringement.

As lifted from Wikipedia:
The unusual combinations that appear in Lapine's recipes — such as spinach in brownies, avocado in chocolate pudding, and sweet potato in grilled cheese sandwiches — also appear in Seinfeld's book. It is also known that Lapine had shopped her manuscript to Seinfeld's publisher (Collins), which has led to the question of whether an editor there simply chose to hold on to the idea, and find a celebrity author.

Now then, most people in the Seinfeld's situation would have kept quiet and let their lawyers and the courts hang some flunky at their mutual publishing house out to dry. But the Seinfelds are Celebrities (here's where I rub my hands with glee).

Here's the kind of class act Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld are. They both go on national radio and television and attack Missy Chase Lapine accusing her of being a crazed celebrity stalker and Jerry calls her a "wako", a "nut" and even compares her to Mark David Chapman!

So, I'm to believe that Nina Danielle Jessica Sklar Nederlander Seinfeld who has a background in public relations and a duplicitous personal history, slaved over a smart innovative cookbook that was published by her husband's publisher because of her own hard work and dedication. I am also to believe that Missy Chase Lapine, who has five years worth of research notes on a book she wrote after publishing Eating Well Magazine and working as an executive at Gourmet magazine, is insane and has no basis for suing over copyright infringement over a book with nearly identical style and content to the one she published at a rival publishing house seven months earlier. Um hmm.

Yesterday Missy Chase Lapine, not only sued the Seinfelds for copyright infringement, she sued them for defamation of character. Here's the docs courtesy of Smoking Gun. You go girl. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bake up some sweet potato & grilled cheese sammies. Yum.