Thursday, December 06, 2007

Who's That Hiding Under My HaloScan?

It's been a few days since I wrote about installing HaloScan comments and may I just say I love it. Thank you so much for your constructive comments. I think I have the glitches worked out.
  • DaysGoBy and a couple of others noted that the HaloScan program suppresses the Blogger comments so the page looks like there are no comments on previous posts. I understand that I can retrieve my previous comments to display again, but as long as I know they are not lost if I need them, I'll just live without displaying them.

  • A few of you had the same problem with your banner that I did. The HaloScan program caused me to lose my over sized title header or banner. I tried and tried to retrieve it but in the end I had to make up a banner in photoshop and post it as a picture (rather than using Blogger's header template-add a photo, add the title, add the tagline, post) and I think it looks just fine.

  • I understand a few folks were seeing annoying ads at the bottom. I can't see them, so hopefully that's cleared up?

Now as to why I am so lovin' this new comment platform. The other day I got a rude comment. That's right, a Troll! Yippee! Why was I so happy to be insulted in my own bloggy home? I got to try out some of the coolest features HaloScan offers.

  • I was able to delete the comment right from my post page without having to go into any funky dashboard or edit pages.

  • I was given the option to BAN THE TROLL from ever commenting here again by blocking the Internet address from the computer he used to insult me

  • or by banning all computers registered to him. How cool is that?

Now I have to say something about the gravatars. Yeah, those jars appearing next to every comment ARE a little random and annoying. I'm going to fiddle with them when I have time so that they make more sense. HaloScan gave me the option of using a custom default gravatar. I chose to use the picture of the jars to tie into my banner and page theme. The jars will pop up next to your comment if:

  • You do not have your own gravatar

  • Your gravatar is of a graphically violent nature

  • Your gravatar might be considered sexually explicit

I have my site set to display only G and PG rated avatars. You could set yours any way you like.

Overall, despite a few little bumps in the road I gotta say I'm much happier with HaloScan. It's really nice to have a link directly to your home pages right on your comments instead of being directed to an About Me page. I particularly love it when when you post your e-mail address with the comment so I can send a personal message quickly while I'm thinking about it. Just glancing at your comments, it looks like you are also finding it easier to use HaloScan at this site rather than my old Blogger platform. Now if there were just a program I could install that would give me the time I need to reply to all of you wonderful readers, I think we'd be all set!