Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WFMW-Coupon Organization

I did not come up with this idea, but I tried it for the first time this week and the results were staggering.
First, I bought a 3-ring binder with pockets in front and sleeves for a notepad:

Then I bought divider sheets. I labeled them according to my grocery store's aisles, ie; "refrigerated/dairy", "canned meat/pasta", etc. Next I inserted clear business card sheets that I slipped my coupons into, making sure that the item info and expiry date were clearly showing. Viola! My new system!
So what's the big deal? Well I used to have a file like this:
The pre-printed section labels had little to do with my shopping habits. I had to hunt through the entire section of coupons looking for one I could use and if I had a coupon for say, TP and I pulled it out before shopping to make certain I bought the right one and my grocery didn't carry that brand it would be put it back and start the shuffle all over again. Needless to say, I stopped couponing. It just wasn't worth the aggravation.

So! Last Saturday I tried my new system. I wrote my shopping list on the full sized tablet in my binder. When I got to the TP aisle I flipped to the first section of my coupon pages because I always buy paper goods first and since I made up my own sections, I put paper goods first in my binder, glanced quickly at my relevant coupons, slipped the one that worked best out of the sleeve and into the handy front pocket and done.

When it came time for checkout, I had all the correct coupons that I selected at the same time I took their corresponding items off the shelf, together in the front pocket of my binder. There were no errors, no checkout delays, Aaand...

I saved $47.00 on my grocery bill!

Now that's a system that works for me! For more helpful hints, visit Works For me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer.