Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This Is Why I Call Her My Sunbeam

When Spouse picked up Bunnie after school yesterday, she seemed so sad.

Bunnie: "A boy knocked my books out of my hands as I was leaving."

Spouse: "Why did he do that?"

Bunnie: "He said someone told him to do it."

Spouse: "Did you know the boy or the kid who told him to do it?"

Bunnie: "No."

Spouse: "We have to go to your golf lesson now, are you OK?"

Bunnie: "Yes, I'm OK, I just don't feel happy or friendly".

When Spouse picked her up after her golf lesson, she was chatting with a little girl about five or six years old. The little one began jumping up and down and hugging Bunnie enthusiastically.

Spouse: "What was that all about?"

Bunnie: "She was coming for her first golf lesson and she felt scared. I let her hold some of my clubs and she said he liked my blue clubs, but her favorite color is pink. So, I gave her one of my pink golf balls and it made her happy, not scared anymore."

Spouse: "You seem pretty happy too. I thought you didn't feel happy or friendly today"

Bunnie: "My teacher said when he's upset he goes to the driving range and hits balls. If that doesn't make him feel better, he hits balls at the other teachers. (giggling) It's hard to feel sad when when someone makes you laugh."

Spouse: "Or gives you a pink golf ball and a hug."