Friday, December 21, 2007

Panic Is Not An Option

Why am I not prepared for Christmas? Glad you asked!

  • Best Boss Ever who gives me next two weeks off with pay thus ensuring that this week I'll take it upon myself to crank out three weeks worth of work so she won't regret it.

  • Good friends who want to "just drop by and bring some presents". "Oh no", they say, "we don't care how the house looks we'll just pop in for a minute". Evening is now shot with insane tidying sprints, quickie hors d'oerve prep and much noggy visiting. Shopping and wrapping will have to wait another day.

  • A Spouse who has to be smacked over the head to provide me with list of impossible to find "little things" he might like for Christmas. He'll never guess how many stores it takes to find these "little things".

  • Kids who write lists well in advance, but ask for "volume six" or "version three" of something perfectly spelled but totally unpronounceable.

  • A harried housewife who swears that "next year I'll have everything under control", but never, ever, ever will.

Well, I may be almost out of cookies, I may not have a single present wrapped, the cards may still be untouched in their boxes, my Christmas cookbook may still be unopened and my grocery list still blank, but there's nog aplenty at my house. C'mon over!