Sunday, December 30, 2007

Natural Marital Enhancement

Our little overnight trip was wonderful. The kids did just fine without us. As predicted they played video games all night and slept all day without their mean mother rousting them out of bed. When I called them around three o'clock to let them know we were on our way home (can you believe I only phoned home three times during a 22 hour period?), they were only just rolling out of bed. Thank you for all your great comments. In the end, I did cook their pizzas before I left the house and stocked them up with chips, microwave meals, soda pop, cold cereal, lots of nibbly fruits and veggies and sure enough, they were just fine "junking out". The only devastation when we got home was a nasty fruit juice smell on the love seat cushions. I think El Gato Gordo may be diabetic.

Spouse and I had a great time recharging the romance. The park was beautiful with tons to see and do and Mr. Mac Frugal is still talking about the delicious six dollar steak dinner he got at the lodge. I had a little reality check when we went up to Tucker Tower and it turned out the last set of stairs to the top was a spiral staircase. Apparently my spiral staircase phobia is not cured after all. I'm pleased to report that the view from the patio was lovely. Spouse would have to tell you about the top.

We had amazing weather for golf and the course was nice and easy. I stole borrowed the new clubs Santa brought Bunnie, and had a hard time trying to adjust to excellent lightweight clubs instead of my clunky 1970's clubs I'm used to using. Happily though, I was able to keep up with Spouse and keep the game moving except when I fell into the tiger pit.

It turned out that the little pile of leaves over in the rough that my pretty pink golf ball landed in was concealing a trap. I stepped over to retrieve my ball and whoosh! landed tail over teacups in a bramble bush at the bottom of a five foot deep ravine. Once I got disentangled, Spouse hauled me out. I brushed off all the leaves and the dramatic but not at all serious bloody mess, and couldn't help but laugh. To think after all the bad Tarzan movies I saw as a kid, I fell (literally) for that old gag!

Overall, I'm really glad we went and happy as a clam that our marital relations got the boost it sorely needed. There's just something about relations without the dog banging on the bedroom door (Hey guys! Watcha doin' in there?) and the kids asking to come in to grab some t.p. from the master bath (our bathroom is out!) that makes "vacation relations" pretty darn special. In fact all day long Spouse had been referring to me as "Smilin' Barb". Ooo yeah, I'm happy.