Monday, December 10, 2007

The Dust Bunnies Are Running Amuck!

It's been about a year since I told you about the death of my beloved vacuum and the half-baked replacement Mr. Mac Frugal purchased. Guess what is now dead? During the Christmas season? Again? I still want a Simplicity Synchrony vacuum. It's still more expensive than a weekend in Paris. I toyed with the idea of purchasing it instead of the stand mixer I've been waiting twenty years for and will be getting this Christmas. I still do not want a vacuum for a Christmas pressie. What do you want to bet I get another cheap piece of junk to chase the dust bunnies?

We took the kids to see The Golden Compass. I was glad that Bunnie knew the story before we went. It might have been a bit too intense otherwise. She is so darn smart. As we were leaving, she said "You know how Lyra (the little heroine) lived at Oxford? Alice in Wonderland lived at Oxford, too. I think the man who wrote this did that on purpose." Picking up on literary allusions at thirteen? She puts her poor old mother (who totally missed that until she pointed it out) to shame. Anyway, we all really enjoyed it and it still seemed to make sense with all of the religious subtext from the books written out.

Last night we had another terribly British dinner of poached perch in a delicate cream sauce, mussels and Brussels sprouts in an almond lemon butter. I panicked when I reached in the fridge for the mussels and they were suffocated in a sealed plastic bag. After they had a good ten minutes to breathe I remembered what Jacques Pepin said about never tossing mussels until you've given them a good hard rap to be certain they are really truly dead. Sure enough, they all closed their little shells when I gave them a rap and there was much joy and feasting (and relief I hadn't wasted a special trip to Whole Paycheck Foods and the exorbitant cost of the mussels).

Overall, the Second Sunday in Advent was a lovely repeat of the comfort and cheer of last Sunday. The only notable difference was that the cat was glued to my side throughout the meal instead of the dog. He did get a little tidbit of perch and then settled in to warming my shoes for me. I thought he was warming my shoes in gratitude. Spouse said he was just warming them so I'd put them on and go out to get him more fish. Either way, I'm just glad he joined in our family's warm snugly rainy day spent together. These are the days that we'll remember when the kids are grown. These are the good old days.