Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Trends

This Christmas I've been missing some little things and wondering where they've gone. For instance;

  • Where are the Christmas carolers? Have you had any come to your door this year? Did you go caroling? My kids were supposed to do some sort of Las Posadas procession with caroling tonight but it was cancelled. Well, if you're inclined to sing at my door this year, there's a secret stash of cookies set aside just for you.
  • Where are the Christmas movies? Granted the world doesn't need another lousy Christmas movie (cough Fred Claus cough), but don't you kinda expect one animated, one romantic, and one action movie with a Christmas theme every year?
  • Where's the new music? Where's that one truly obnoxious song being played on every station and driving you bonkers that comes out every Christmas? The only thing new that I've heard is that strange little Brad Paisley song where he does a duet with his thirteen year old self and I don't think it's quite annoying enough to cross over to the pop radio stations I usually listen to. Is there some new Christmas mega-hit that I just haven't been smacked over the head with yet?

On the other hand, I've noticed some completely unheard of things this year that have truly delighted me;

  • Adequate staffing and open check out lines at the stores.
  • Happy helpful salespeople everywhere, even at HellMart!
  • Folks saying "Merry Christmas" all over town rather than the usual "Happy Holidays" and even being so bold as to send Christmas Cards instead of "Holiday" Cards to my office!
  • Being able to obtain real suet, no questions asked for my mincemeat and pudding, not once but twice! Do you think the old recipes are coming back into style?
  • And finally, the most amazing and delightful thing right here at home. For the first time in nineteen years, Spouse is off both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Heaven. Pure Heaven.

I hope your Christmas is Heavenly, too.