Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WFMW-Quick Dry Measure Without Spoons

Yesterday was a prime example of this gal being rushed, distracted and over thinking my post until I couldn't see it anymore. Add this, change that, delete those, "I'll be with you in a minute, Honey I just want to finish typing this one thing!". In the end, some of you noticed that I had two items on my list labeled "3" that later in the day I corrected into two items labeled "4". Needless to say, I need a personal editor for just such mornings. Attention Blogger: Your spell checker is nice and all, but when are you going to install the careless checker? Speaking of yesterday's post, I'm surprised nobody tried to guess which was which? on the #5 items. My Spouse didn't get it right and he was in school with me when I was working on my living history courses. I suspect y'all will get it though.

So! For today's Works For Me Wednesday I'm keeping it simple. No photos, no lists, just a little tip you can use tomorrow.

Hold your hand palm up. Point your fingers down. Your palm should be stretched flat. Pour salt into the depression in the middle of your palm just until it reaches the top of the depression. You should have an approximately dime wide, half inch high measure of salt. This is close to the amount in a level teaspoon.

Start again. This time allow your fingers to curl up naturally. Pour salt into the depression in your hand just the same way. You should have about a Tablespoon of salt in your hand.

Try it a few times with measuring spoons and you'll see what I mean. This trick only works with dry measures like salt, sugar and spice but it's a time saver.

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Today I give thanks for that wonderful, giddy pre-holiday sensation that makes me a little looney but also makes me laugh a little more, tear a little more and just generally Feel a little more. As Auntie Martha would say, "It's a good thing."