Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WFMW-Fancy Hairbows In Less Than A Minute

Here's an easy, no-sew/no glue ponytail holder girls love. In fact, it's so easy Bunnie and her friends make them as a quiet-time activity during sleepovers. There are no metal pieces so these little ponytail holders are perfect for girls sports teams. Nothing hard or sharp when they fall! Here's what you need:

5 to 7 ribbons, various widths not to exceed 1/2" wide
One yard each in complementary color tones.

No Crimp Hair Elastic, regular width
It is important to get the type with no metal.

A ruler.


That's it!

Simply cut your ribbons to one foot lengths. You do not have to be exact. The ribbons do not have to be perfectly identical. A smidgen long or a scwoodge short is fine.

Now just tie them to the elastic with a regular knot. You will want to keep from repeating the same color/width ribbon side by side if possible.

All done? How easy was that?

Now feel free to mix it up! Bunnie prefers grosgrain ribbons because they look crisp and last forever. Your girls might prefer the "fluffy & fluttery" look of sheer ribbons. For the holidays, the little ones love special beads and lightweight charms tied on and sequin strings also look sparkly and festive.

These ponytail holders are fun to give for scout troops, party favors and stocking stuffers. I was able to knock out two dozen kelly green & white ones for my niece's cheerleading squad in under 20 minutes. My five spools of ribbon and one package of elastics pictured above will make 10 hair bows for less than 70 cents each. A cheap, fast, easy, no mess craft you can make year round? That's what works for me!

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Today I give thanks for my mum who brushed and ribboned my hair before school every morning all the way up until I started High School. It was our thing, something that she didn't do with my three sisters and it made me feel special and loved. I hope my daughter will pass the tradition along.