Wednesday, November 07, 2007

WFMW-Backwards Day

Today for Works For Me Wednesday, I'm allowed to pick your brains on something that has me stumped. My thirteen year old daughter Bunnie loves hair ribbons. Every day she wears ponies, half-ponies, piggies or braids and she always ties them with a matching ribbon or pre-made bow. Red ones, navy ones, khaki ones and holiday ones, her dresser and nightstand are constantly cluttered with a tangled mess of ribbons.

We tried assigning them a drawer in her vanity table. Very soon they were ruined by other junk thrown in with them. We tried putting them in her dresser with socks, belts and scarves. They turned into a tangled mess and it was too difficult for her to fish out the right color in the morning. We tried hanging them from hangers in her closet. They slipped off. We clipped them to the hangers. That was a lot of clips and didn't solve the problem of the ready made bows that couldn't be attached by a clip.

So! I'm asking you clever ladies out there, How Do I Organize And Store Hair Accessories?

Today I give thanks for the individual time I spend each morning with my daughter. Is there anything lovelier than time spent brushing my baby's hair and sharing our girly secrets?

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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who gave me great tips! I'm actually planning to use a combination of ALL of your suggestions in a nifty little Christmas gift for Bunnie. I'll be sure to post pictures after the holidays since she reads here and I want it to be a little surprise.