Sunday, November 04, 2007

Today I Learned About Reverse Lazy Three-Quarter Grinds

First off, thank you to everyone for your well wishes for my lunch with Mrs. M. As it happens I had a lovely afternoon with the old dear. She was so sweet it really made me a little ashamed of myself for dreading it so much.

Do you remember me telling you about my nephew's skating competition? Well, it was today at a roller rink about an hour away from us. Times have certainly changed since the old roller disco days (thank heavens!). Sometimes in my nightmares I can still hear The Big Bopper singing "Helloooo Baaaby!" over really obnoxious organ accompaniment. Our parents thought the roller rink was a great place to get rid of teenagers on a Friday night. Most of the kids thought it was a great place to buy weed. I spent most of my time learning to "shoot the duck" and desperately trying to avoid being dragged into the Bunny Hop line. Snore....

Let me just say that there was nothing snore-worthy about today's competition. I thought my heart was going to stop altogether when Shawn took a little quarter-pipe ramp and turned a back flip. He was grinding and flipping and spinning and hanging from the ceiling and when it was over I think I was sweating more than he was. I don't know how my sister lives with the terror. Turns out that this was only the second event she's actually gone with hubby to see and she was as pale as I was. Everyone had a nice time and the kids all enjoyed seeing each other. It's a shame that flights and such didn't allow us more time together before they had to leave. I miss them already.

Today I give thanks for family and the heavenly powers watching over our crazy children.