Monday, November 19, 2007

Teenagers and Mornings Don't Mix

Me: Good morning, Sunshine! Come and get your breakfast.

She: What are we having?

Me: Mush!

She: I don't like mush.

Me: You do. You just asked me for grits on Saturday.

She: Oh. Well what kind of mush is it this morning?

Me: Cream of Rice.

She: I don't like Cream of Rice.

Me: You've never had Cream of Rice. I haven't made it since your brother was a baby. I want you to have a hot breakfast. EAT.

She: (Picking out the raisins and pushing them to the side of her bowl) May I have some more cream and sugar?

Me: That's an awful lot of cream in your bowl, Sweetie. would you like some milk instead?

She: No. I like cream.

Dad: Hey Bunnie, you're not eating your breakfast.

She: Yeah. I put too much cream and sugar in it.

Me: Sigh.

Today I'm thankful that my children have the luxury of occasionally being picky eaters.