Monday, November 26, 2007

Ow, My Thumb's Tired!

It is official. I am a TV slug. All I want to do is flop. I look at the kitchen floor that needs to be stripped and waxed. I turn on the biography of some person I vaguely remember not liking. I survey the silver I told myself I'd polish after Thanksgiving. I flip the channel to real stories from inside The Big House. I look at the book sitting half finished on my end table. I decide I must have hated it or I would have finished it. I wonder who I can pass it along to, then remember it's a sequel and nobody I know will be interested. I decide to toss it in the trash. Later. First let's see if that crazed wedding planner who calls himself a "production artist" has bankrupted his silly client. Ugh. I am truly a slug.

It's really not my fault. The dog has decided that she does not care to curl up in the armchairs anymore. She'd much rather stretch out on the sofa and use me as her heating pad. Really I'd get up, but I've got 130 pounds of Great Dane stretched out on top of me. Anybody got a crowbar? A crane? A doggy biscuit? Anybody?

Today I give thanks for turkey leftovers and four entire days of having the kids home with me. Heaven.