Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Just Like An Early Christmas Present-How Fab!

Cue the Julie Driscoll music:

"Wheels on Fire, Rolling down the Road...Notify my next of kin, This wheel shall expode!"

The oh, so fabulous Jennifer of Jen on the Edge has presented the "I'm Fabulous Award" to me.That's right, me! and I didn't even get her drunk or offer her a bribe or anything. Thank you so much , Jennifer. You made my day!

As a matter of fact, this morning I'm feeling overwhemed with gratitude. So, to make up for yesterday's 30 Days of Thanks posting gaffe, I hereby present you with

A list of things for which I am thankful but probably will not make one of my remaining November posts:

The way Daphne the Great Dane Who Must Be Obeyed thumps her leg when I scratch her chest. Hilarious.

Cheerful bright red rose hips in my garden after the bushes lose their leaves.

Becky at the deli who always greets me by name even though I'm only in there two or three times a month for work. She makes me feel like a Supah Stahh!

The aroma of nutmeg sprinkled on my coffee in the morning. Oh, mysterious spice of the East, you make every morning feel like Thanksgiving Day.

And now to give thanks to two fabulous blogggers:

Beta Mom made me laugh out loud with this.

Word Girl had me twittering and e-mailing everyone I know with this.