Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google Image Meme

Type the answers to the following questions into the Google search images. Choose one image from the first page of results to represent the answer.
I loved the Google image memes Nancy and Hotfessional did, but I'm much too lazy to do the entire thing myself. That's why I need your help. Can you match the 11 images below to these 11 items about me? Just to make it a little easier, I've marked through the ones you will not find a picture for. Hint: many of the answers are on my 100 Things About Me Page <-here. Once you're done, the answers are HERE. Have fun!

1) My age at next birthday:
2) Place I'd like to travel:
3) Favorite place I've been:
4) Favorite objects:
5) Favorite food:
6) Favorite color:
7) Place I was born:
8) Favorite animal:
9) Town Where I Live:
10) Name of Past Pet:
11) Name of Past Love:
12) Best Friend's Nickname:
13) My First Name:
14) Bad Habit:
15) First job:
16) Grandmother's name:
17) College Major:
18) My Nickname: