Monday, November 05, 2007

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning To You

Monday morning again. I just enjoyed an hour spent catching up on reading my favorite blogs and getting the soup for tonight's dinner started. Boy child is off to school. Girl child is snuggled in bed with Daddy and the dog, trying to steal an extra half hour's sleep before I get her up and going. I am feeling bereft because the the last little container of yogurt I just reached for turned out to be sour cream. The cat is meowing next to me in an attempt to convince me that I did not just feed him at six o'clock. I briefly consider warning you against renting the awful movie Spouse brought home last night. It was Viking Foo so he was pretty safe in assuming that I would want to see it (I do likes me some manly Norsemen), but this movie was a mess. Anyway, I won't bother to warn you against renting The Pathfinder because I doubt you would anyway. Instead I will bring your attention to the fact that the light fixture in the picture above is actually in my front hallway and those curtains (minus the gaudy plaid bows) are in fact at my kitchen windows. Now if I could only find that wicked cool linoleum... And if you are wondering why today's post is such rambling nonsense it must be because you've never heard me speak before I get my first cup of coffee.

Today I give thanks for morning snuggles and the prospect of fresh morning coffee.