Monday, November 12, 2007

For Sparkling Floors and ...

Y'all know I loves me some vintage advertising, but this one from 1948 just got me going. In fact I found it to be so sick, so wrong, so darn funny I felt the need to share it with you. Following is the actual text:

Love-quiz ... for Married Folks Only


A. Because he is no longer happy in their marriage, consistently makes excuses to avoid the romantic intimacy of their honeymoon.

Q. What has she done? Is it really all her fault?

A. It is not so much what she has done as what she has neglected... and that is proper feminine hygiene.

Q. Can neglect of proper feminine hygiene really spoil a happy marriage?

A. Yes, and the pity of it is, every wife can hold her lovable charm by simply using "Lysol" disinfectant as an effective douche.

Q. Can this purpose be accomplished with homemade douching solutions?

A. No..., salt soda and similar makeshifts do not have the proved germicidal and antiseptic properties of "Lysol" which not only destroys odor but is effective in the presence of organic matter.

Q. Why does this husband not tell his wife why he avoids her?

A. Because he feels that a woman should know these important facts...and use every means in her power to remain glamorous, dainty and lovely to love. He resents her neglect of such fundamentals as correct feminine hygiene which is achieved so easily by regular douching with "Lysol" brand disinfectant.

DON'T TAKE CHANCES with married happiness...safeguard your complete daintiness...use only "Lysol" in the is not only effective but kind

NO delicate soreness.

Today I give thanks for a husband who still thinks I'm hot three days in to a primitive camping trip without showers.