Friday, November 30, 2007

New Comment Thingy

Blogger, Blogger, Why hast thou forsaken me? If you haven't noticed, ole' Blogger has stopped allowing commenters from other platforms to link back to their home pages. Sara over at Suburban Oblivian has a perfect post on this subject. Go read what she has to say. I'll wait.

She pointed out that this change will discourage folks from commenting and we can't have that! So, since I am very comfortable with Blogger, Blogger, always down when you need to put on a little something, Blogger, I am following Sara's advice and switching over to HaloScan comments. One of the things I particularly like about about HaloScan is that it remembers you so if you are a regular commenter at a particular site, you do not have type your information in every time you comment. Sweet.

So! Super big thanks to Sara for saving me from having to switch platforms which would involve work (yuck) and super big thanks to HaloScan for making the switch so easy even I could do it in less than two minutes.

Give me some feedback on the new comment form and let me know what you think. Now that NaBloPoMo is over I will try really hard to get caught up with commenting again on your site. I promise I'm a faithful reader even if I do stink at commenting regularly. What's more I love reading your comments to me, and maybe with HaloScan it will be faster for me to keep up with letting you know how much I DO appreciate them.