Monday, October 01, 2007

What's All This, Then?

You may be asking what all these new widgets in the sidebar are about. I see something that may or may not be an acronym for a curse word, a longer acronym that appears too mysterious to just be curse words, and gasp! a photo of a nursing baby. Well, since you are kind enough to ask, I'll begin with the Great Mofo Delurk .

It has been brought to my attention that I LURK. The other day while reading a blog I've been following on GoogleReader for months, I was prompted to leave a brief comment on one of her posts. That evening I was shocked to receive a lovely e-mail from the author welcoming me as a new reader to her blog. New reader?!! I can tell you all about this woman's job, her family and the color of her cat, what does she mean new reader?

In all the months I'd been following her blog, I'd never taken the time to let her know that I was there. Eww, that's kind of creepy. That is LURKING. There are many reasons why I lurk. First off, I'm actually very shy IRL. Then there is the whole self-editing thing in my head "Do you really have anything worthwhile to contribute to this conversation?". Finally there is my GoogleReader service that scans over a hundred favorite blogs for me and lets me know when there is a new post. I can scan the latest items on my reader page without ever going to the blogger's home page. I never see the comments to be prompted into a discussion.

So, at the urging of
Schmutzie who I stalk follow on Twitter, I am making changes to the way I read and respond to blogs, And on Wednesday October 3, I plan to leave a comment with all 104 bloggers I follow daily on GoogleReader! Please do not be frightened if I pop out of the shadows. It's just my way of saying hello.

And as to the other new items on the sidebar? Well, that's for another day and another post.