Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tea, Trolls and Triumphs

A very nice Sunday. After church, we took the children to the British Emporium's annual Halloween event. They sponsored it with the local British car fanciers' club. Here are photos from last year's event. We had a wonderful time ogling the vintage Trimphs, MGs and Coopers. The children enjoyed imported candies and the Haunted Tearoom complete with spider sandwiches and trolls. Bear was having a ball sniggering over the tins of Spotted Dick and imagining what sort of moron would eat Haggis from a can. Bunnie, my little anglophile brought home a sweet little hedgehog toy and chattered all day long about what fun she had.

In the evening, Spouse and I went to the golf club for a lovely relaxing dinner. I tell you, there is nothing nicer than having children who are old enough to stay home without a babysitter. Still, I'm very glad for mobile phones. All in all, a perfect quiet snuggly weekend.