Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Latest Obsession

Last night I went to Bed Bath Linens Kitchens & Things Etc. to buy a cookie scoop. Who knew that when they said "Beyond", they meant prices beyond anything reasonable? Eleven dollars for a cookie scoop?! Umm, no. Buuut...What is that over there? Great jumpin' Jehosephat, Luke! It's the grail of stand mixers! Behold 1000 watts of pure power!
It's the Cuisinart SM-70 and it SHALL be mine. ALL MINE! Here's the breakdown that explains why I am panting and salivating like a Great Dane at the World Steak Grilling Championship. Think about it. A stand mixer that can do all of the holiday baking including my world famous steamed pudding, without overheating or straining the motor. Currently I do all my mixing by hand. This baby would increase my production to unlimited proportions. Christmas puddings for everyone! Muwahahaha!

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to pack a picnic lunch. Spouse and I are going to the museum district for art, botanic gardens and hopefully a romantic lunch. It should be a gorgeous afternoon with plenty of time to relax and develop my plans for Kitchen Domination! Muwahhahaha!