Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's Blogtastic!

Today of all days everything went on the fritz. Despite heaps o' interwebby trouble, I kept my commitment to leave a comment on all 104 blogs on my reader list. What? I missed you? Don't assume I don't read your blog. It could be that my reader can't find your RSS feed and I read you by clicking on your site manually. It could be that at the time of day I stopped by your site your latest post already had a comment from me or your comments were closed. Maybe I'm new to your site and I just haven't had time to enter it into my reader. Never fret, I will keep the spirit of TGMD and try to do better with my comments and comment responses from now on.

How was your TGMD day? I have been so worried all day about Blackbird's Sock Monkey. Save the Monkey! and The Roaming Gang of Feline Thugs over at Schmutzie's, oh! and of course, Those Sweet Funky Liars (who, me?) over at The Cheeky Lotus. Go give 'em some love and for heaven's sake FREE THE SOCK MONKEY! That is all. Please go forth and comment in abundance.