Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Quiet Saturday

Spouse is cleaning the kitchen for me so I can hunker down in there to bake cookies. It's never too early to start freezing cookies for Thanksgiving. Some to freeze, some to eat. I love the holiday season. Except... I'm still holding a grudge over The Thanksgiving That Shall Never Be Spoken Of Again.

This year I am dreading Thanksgiving because I really am still angry about last year and I can not let it go and smile and laugh and spend the day with my parents and sisters and not want to smash youngest sister over the head with her inedible green bean salad. Y'all remember what became of Fredo after the Godfather's mother died? I'm just sayin'.

So now I'm off to my sparkling clean kitchen to bake my adorable little family some yummy cookies. I'll be using my new $2.99 cookie scoop and singing happy little songs to myself while I let the power of the aroma of baking cookies soothe my ruffled feathers. Mmmm, cookies...