Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beatles, Borscht, Bodyguards and Boone's

That saucy little cocktail known as Dr. Brazen Hussy has tagged me for a meme! I command everyone in Bloggyville to immediately go give her some bloggy love. We must distract her before she either puts her diabolical plans for world domination through advanced science to the test or wanders off to read Peyton Place again.

Here is the Luckybuzz/Gospel Bob version of the meme of four:

Four First Names of Crushes I’ve Had:

George: my favorite Beatle. How I miss you.

Johnny: My ability to tease him about having the same name as a toilet earned me the distinction of being the only girl invited to his birthday party.

Derrick: The most sought after boy in class, he helped me win a bet by kissing me in gym class in exchange for half the profits. I hated the kiss, but was charmed by his appreciation for a good con. The crush ended when he refused to take the money he'd earned and asked me to the movies instead. Dork.

Spouse: My last and greatest crush.

Four Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned:

The chocolate brown gingham dress with the hand smocking done by my grandmother.

The swiss dot and hand tatted lace gown my mother's best friend made for my presentation.

The hand knit sweater made from musk ox quivet shorn by my cousin while he was stationed in Greenland and spun by my godmother.

My hand woven wool serape with the painted leather trim from that trip to Puerta Vallarta with my Dad.

Names I’ve been called at one time or another:

"Pep": for my Pepsodent smile

"Loose Change", eventually just "LC": So..., I tripped while going up stairs in high school, reached out to brace myself and accidentally grabbed my buddy's back pocket. Without missing a beat, he turned around and calmly asked if I was looking for loose change. The name stuck.

"Boones": I do not care to discuss the incident with the empty bottles of Boones Farm Tickle Pink strawberry wine and the mud slide. Suffice it to say I earned my nickname.

"Spouse": The loveliest name in the world.

Four Professions I Secretly Want to Try:



Stunt Professional

Steeplechase Jockey

Four Musicians I’d most want to go on a date with:
I'm going to go all the way on this one and pick a dead musicians theme (hey, it's my list!)
in order:

Dino (Was anyone ever cooler?)

Buddy Holly (Oh those glasses!)

Elvis (Natch.)

Woody Guthrie (I'd definitely want to go where this guy hung out)

Four Foods I’d Rather Throw than Eat:





Four Things I Like to Sniff:

Clean baby heads

Puppy ears


Sea air

Four People to Tag:
For those of you gearing up to start NaBloPoMo, here's one post idea on me.

Kelly O Who is one of the few people who has writen a thesis I'd actually love to read.

Kimberly Who is undergoing voluntary candy deprivation and has a photo of the most amazing autumn veggie tray I have ever seen.

Erica Who is one cute cupcake with a secret identity as an artist with mad skillz, yo.

Jessica Who had the good sense to marry a man named Bear, move to Nova Scotia and post pics of the good life so I may envy her.